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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maiden Voyage Meramec Springs Missouri State Park


White knuckled down highway 44 old route 66.

One women, One camper & One bottle of Jim Beam.



Little Camper in the Big Woods
3am BANG !!!
 wide eyed and paranoid I swear I heard banjo music
 I slowly crept to the window with my pepper spray and flash light. A girl can't be too cautious. I was the only camper in the whole campground. Two raccoons had gotten into my cute little trailer trashcan. I yelled out the window while I had the little bugger in the spotlight. The bitch growled at me ... there was NO chocolate in that trash can and she needed chocolate BAD
Had a mess the next morning but that is just a part of camping ...
 leave your camp spot cleaner than when you arrived. No cans or bottles in the fire pit from your girls gone wild redneck weekend.

I want NATURE not NASTY.

Here are some shots of my great first trip
I <3 watching old movies in my vintage camper.  Breakfast At Tiffany's was a perfect choice.
 For some reason my dad wasn't able to take me to the father daughter dance for Brownies so instead he said we would have a date night just him and I. We went to Bobs Big Boy restaurant in Sioux falls SD and I will never forget how special he made this little girl feel. If you look in this photo I purchased a Bobs Big Boy and it sits on my table in "Jimmy and it makes me think of my daddy... its the little things that make this camper special to me.

Special spot for flashlight (needed at 3am during coon-pocalypses)
GLAMPING details ...
It was a fantastic first trip in Jimmy. I even caught some trout.
Yeah I'll kiss pretty much anything

Enjoy Your Dirty Day !


OK HERE is Jimmy

First we prime ...
This stuff stuck GREAT to the metal !!
 Hot sunny 98* Missouri weather made it dry as fast as I was rolling it on.
 I used 6 inch sponge rollers. A SHIT-TON !! I call them disposable sponge rollers because it was clumping and drying so fast.
I made yet another daily trip to Lowes.
"Here comes that crazy lady with that crappy old camper needing more advice! RUN ! or she will pull out her iPhone and show you photos of her heap of crap."
After the primer came the first coat of about 8 coats .... well it felt like 8.
Hauling my fat butt up the ladder, ROLL*ROLL* ROLL, descending the ladder, move 8 inches hauling my fat butt up the ladder, ROLL*ROLL* ROLL this continued for 6 hours straight...


no judging peeps ... needed that little boost of liquid courage to continue my vision quest.









 Painters Tape That Had Scalloped Edges




*now the special touches*









Enjoy Your Dirty Day

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My table was a pain in my ARSE... butt it turned out great !


I scotty pimped my screen door also !!!  


I used the same scotty pattern on the door that I used on the table. Countless hours on the internet to find a vintage scotty dog .....

copy, cut, trace & paint
 Enjoy Your Dirty Day